When I first started running, I had a paper log.  If I was really training for something, like my first triathlon, I kept it diligently; other times  I would be lucky if I remembered to write anything for weeks!  I also was guessing at most of my mileage and time.  I would look at the clock before I left the house and then when I returned.  I was a 10 minute miler at that time so I just divided and poof...there was my entry!  I was really good about saying how I felt on the runs.  

Then along came the Garmin 405...nirvana in a watch! I now knew that my 4 mile loop was dead on....I also realized my 3 miler was really 2.7 miles.  I could gauge my pace and over the first year of using the garmin was able to drop to a 9:30 min/mile pace.  It also came with a nifty feature of syncing with my computer, so good-bye to the paper log.  I never would forget to log a run, however rarely did I add any detail about weather, effort, etc.  

About 3 years ago I was introduced to Daily Mile, an AWESOME website! You can track your miles, time, pace (all from my trusty garmin) and add in effort (the cute/not so cute smiley or frowny faces), title, and comments.  Mine often includes how I felt or how I dressed...I always have trouble in the 40-50 degree range so this really helped solve my dressing dilemma!  Best of all you can log what shoes you wore and it will keep track of your total shoe mileage!   

On another note, you can also 'friend' other runners...think Facebook for runners! My friend Barb is really great about leaving comments that motivate me or make me feel better if I had a bad run.  You can also log fitness classes, walking, biking, and other activities.  Then if you are a geek like me you can look at the cool graphs and look at your progress.  

I hope you take a minute to join Daily Mile.  When you do, send me a friend request and we can "cheer" each other on.  

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