With the end of the year wrapping up and new years' resolutions being carefully planned, there is an unfortunate prediction which is usually realized in the first couple months of the year.  Heel pain very often presents itself not long after initiating a new exercise routine, usually due to a few, simple, neglected habits.  Stretching is very under appreciated and under performed.  Starting your program too aggressively at the forefront sometimes demands too much of your body.  Whether your resolution is to be more active in general versus complete a marathon versus 'get toned' for spring/summer, we all have high aspirations around the first of the year and feel suddenly empowered to reach new goals.  A fire has been lit (so to speak) and we are going to reach that goal!  This will be there year!!!

And then, ... just as suddenly as we began this new awesome plan, we are limping around feeling dejected and like "it's just like last year all over again!"

It doesn't have to be this way though!  Turn to your closest resources at Prairie Path Foot & Ankle Clinic.  There are the general recommendations of being diligent with stretching and resting adequately between workouts but beyond that, your local podiatrist can help to identify potential problems before they begin!  Whether you have time to get in before the new year or you come to see us after you've begun your routine - we are equipped and eager to help you reach your goals and have many successful workouts to come!  If you already have heel pain and worry that you won't be able to successfully start your new endeavor for fitness, a quick visit can get you on the road to healing.  In many instances, heel pain can be 75% or more improved within a few short weeks (sometime sooner)!

Don't let foot pain get in your way next year.  Make 2014 your year and let PPFAC help you each step of the way when you need it!

Call and make an appointment today!

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