The beauty of running (or walking) for exercise is that you put on a pair of running shoes and open the door and go.  However do not under estimate the power of the proper running shoe for your foot.  If you have an old pair of running shoes that you are dusting off to try to get active, beware of what an old running shoe may do.  Although the outside of the shoe may look clean, the padding and support on the inside of the shoe may have worn out.  Without the proper support, you may be setting yourself up for injury.  In addition, steer clear or choosing a running shoe because someone else has it or you like the way it looks.  Just like we need proper equipment and gear for other sports, your running shoes are your equipment.  You need to go to an expert to help guide you in this, and I recommend going to a running specialty running store.  Experienced shoe fitters will help find the right shoe for you depending on your foot structure and sport level.  It will make your run or walk more enjoyable knowing you have the right gear to help get you to your goal. For more information on running shoes, click here


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