A colleague of mine recently relayed an anecdote about a patient of his with flat feet.  As the patient was walking through the corner drug store, his feet hurting, he spotted a machine that promised to diagnose and address his foot and heel pain by standing on a plate and scanning his foot.  Although the patient had an appointment with is podiatrist for the next day, out of curiosity, he decided to stand on the pad and see what the computer had to say.    He removed his shoes to reveal very flat feet, part of the reason for his foot pain, and stood on the pad to activate the machine.  To his surprise, it read, "Error.  Please remove your shoes before standing on the pad."  The "blind" scanner could not fathom that a person could have such flat feet, and the machine read it as an error when he truly had pathology that needed to be addressed. 

So what is the moral of the story?  Nothing beats an exam and analysis of your foot pain better than a specialist.  At our office, you will receive a full work up of your foot problems, including x-rays if needed, a full review of your medical history, and even a gait analysis if it pertains to your pain.  Take a pass on the "blind" automated machines and leave the scanning and exam, diagnosis, and treatment to the specialists that will not look at your feet with a blind eye but instead with the utmost attention and care.  

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