We ALL neglect our feet sometimes. There are many things we know would be good for our feet, but sometimes we take a short-cut. Sometimes we pay for it and other times we don’t. When it comes to summertime, we want to get out and spend time in the yard, at the pool, in the garden and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. A very common mistake is that we get so excited for the warmth, we don’t want to cover up our feet. Some of us wear sandals to go for a bike ride or a long walk – we may walk on the driveway or in the yard barefoot. While these activities pose risk, there are some very obvious no-no’s. When gardening or getting up on a ladder to trim hedges or empty the gutters it is SO very important to put on a good pair of supportive shoes. Shoes were created to protect our feet from the environment. They are also critical in providing support for all of the dynamic activities we perform, whether for sport or for work. A fall from a height can be prevented if your feet are protected and given adequate motion control.

Don’t let this happen to you! Put on those shoes and socks and save the barefoot for relaxing at the pool.


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