Even though it is officially fall and the weather is turning cold, there is no reason to stop staying active.  You can enjoy exercising in the cooler months with a few precautions:

-dress in layers.  Be sure to dress in easily removable layers.  As you start off, it may be chilly and you want to keep the outer layer on, and as you get moving and your body temperature rises, you want to be able to unzip the outer lyer or even remove the outer layer.  This includes running gloves and hats as well.

-make sure your inner layer is made of a moisture wicking material.  The material closest to your body should be able to help wick away sweat from your skin.  Without this, if the layer stays damp, the cool weather can cause a chill.  Worse of all, too much moisture can cause chaffing and blistering in areas that make it very uncomfortable

-keep hydrated.  Even in cooler weather, you still sweat and lose hydration.  It is important to still take water breaks and replace any lost electrolytes through energy drinks or through other supplements, or a healthy snack.

-protect your skin.  This doesn’t only mean good warm running tights and long sleeves, it also means hats on your head to keep your temperature warm enough and protect your ears, and running gloves to protect your fingers and hands. 

-use the right socks.  You want to use a sock made with a cotton blend with a moisture wicking material, or even one that contains wool.  The wool will keep your toes warm, and the moisture wicking material will prevent sweat from accumulating in your running shoes.  At our practice, we recommend Feetures socks.

If you keep active and find you have an issue with your feet or ankles, don’t let that stop you.  If you do have a problem, call our office for an appointment.  Don’t delay and keep active!

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