I love the first day of spring!  No, not March 21st, it's never really spring that early...at least not in Chicago!  What I mean is that first day with weather that makes us all want to get out there and do something, anything!  Today everywhere I looked people were at the park, playing soccer or baseball, riding their bikes, tending to their gardens and of course...running!  Today was the day people shed their coats, dug out their shorts and maybe got a little sunburned. Today was the day families spent time together. Today was the kind of day that makes even the most infrequent runner want to get out there and log some miles.  I hope nothing is holding you back, but if it is give us a call. If you have heel pain, a bump on your foot, a callus or an achy ankle don't let it sideline you. You don't need to waste another beautiful Sunday sitting on the couch. Run Happy!

Dr. Misty McNeill
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D.P.M. - Founder of Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic
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