Many of our patients love playing their favorite sports. As physicians, we love this active, healthy lifestyle and want to encourage being outside, and exercising on a daily basis. Unfortunately, with sports and exercise comes the occasional injury. If you and your loved ones are lucky enough to have avoided injuries, that is wonderful news. If you suspect an injury however, you have come to the right place. In this post, I have my 6 videos discussing the most common foot and ankle injuries that we see in our office. Please watch them and then be sure to give us a call so that we can get you in for an appointment, get a thorough evaluation and get you back to the sports you love as quickly as possible.

To watch each video, simply click on the associated image. 

Dr. Doyle standing in front of an X-rayAnkle Sprains: 

If you have rolled your ankle, and notice swelling or bruising, 
it's time to come in to the office for an X-Ray. We want to make sure
you don't have anything more serious going on.  







There are 28 bones in the foot and any of them could be fractured when it comes to sports injuries. Better to come in and get an X-ray to be sure!






Subungual Hematoma:

While this is not an injury you might hear a lot about on the athletic field or court, it's actually quite common. In this video, I explain just what it is.






Stress Fractures: 

Occurring over a long period of time, rather than in an instant, like a fracture, Stress Fractures are common to athletes, especially those who are driven to perform through the pain. Stress fractures occur due to a lack of support for the foot and the demands placed on it. Custom Orthotics are a great answer to the needed, extra support that many of our dedicated athletes feet require.





Turf Toe: 

Especially common in football, lacrosse, soccer or any sport associated with a turf field, Turf Toe involves injuries to the toes and especially the big toes. 






Tendon Tears: 

Tendinitis can, over time, lead to a tendon tear. We will use our on-site diagnostic ultrasound to evaluate any tendon problems and design a treatment plan to get you healing and back to your beloved sports.







Thank you for visiting our website and watching my sports-related injury video series. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call our office and ask. We are here to help and make sure you are healthy so that you can perform at your best!

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