OUCH!  Ingrown nails can be really painful.  They pinch the skin and can cause an opening for bacteria to get in. These are very common in kids and at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic, we see them everyday.  Sometimes they are very mild with just a little pain and swelling and sometimes they are a hot mess!  Big, red, swollen with pus draining out of them.  No matter which category your child falls into (likely somewhere in between), the one thing I can promise you is that the quicker you seek treatment, the easier it will be on everyone!  Don't let your child convince you it's getting better.  It might look better temporarily, but it will come back.  Often much worse than it was initially.  Soaking and antibiotic ointment will only keep the infection at bay. Your child is only telling you this because they are afraid that coming to the doctor's will hurt.  Don't worry about the treatment being painful, kids always make it through just fine! Now us parents, we are a whole other story!!

Dr. Misty McNeill
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