Taking x-rays in the office is something we do here very often!  In examining thousands of pairs of feet, identifying various foot conditions comes pretty quickly for a podiatrist.  An interesting twist is when you see your own x-rays.  While a routine training on taking x-rays, I had my own feet x-rayed and truth be told I was nervous about what I would see.  I am a natural born worrier AND while I don't experience foot pain on any sort of regular basis, its goes along the lines of when you cut your finger and it doesn't hurt until you look at it. 

Most of the things I found, I already knew from looking at my own feet for years and years.  While my attention was brought to the early stages of arthritis in my big toe joint, it reminded me that while we see a lot of things on an x-ray, not all of these things will be painful or a problem.  It does, however, help us to know what things may come to haunt us later and gives us the opportunity to prevent conditions from becoming a problem or a bigger problem than they may initially be.  Sure, my big toe joint space is narrowing, but I have already been wearing orthotics for years and --- I don't have pain unless I bump that area.  Another benefit of now having this x-ray is that years from now, if/when something does start to hurt, I can track the progression of the condition in my foot as I now have a comparison.

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