So many women with foot pain ask us – what kind of shoes are good for my feet? 

They know the obvious answers, such as – athletic shoes and NOT flat flip flops and best NOT to wear super high heels. However, when it comes to women who work and can’t wear yoga pants and sneakers to work (JEALOUS?), it can be very hard to find something that fits the bill.  Danskos can be comfortable for those standing a lot at work during the day, but not all styles look good with a skirt.  Our most recommended brands are Cobb Hill, Aravon and Alegria. Cobb Hill and Aravon are branches off of the New Balance brand and offer a lot of comfort with style.  Alegria tend to have more a quirky look, but come in a variety of colors/materials and for those who need more room in the forefoot, the toebox is not too narrow.  Clarks, Vionic and Born can be comfortable too and might be worth a try.  If at all possible, a dress shoe or boot that has room for an arch support can be the best pair of shoes for your foot as you can get custom support in a stylish shoe.

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