Sesamoiditis is a condition in which inflammation occurs to the sesamoid complex.  This is found on the bottom of the foot, under the great toe joint.  The sesamoid complex is the name used to describe this are in the foot where the great toe flexor inserts into the sesamoids and there is also an articulation between the metatarsal bone and the sesamoids.  This pain is usually dull and achy, but can also cause some shooting pains into the toe or into the arch.  Pain can be from the sesamoid alone, but a tendonitis can develop as well, as your body tries to brace and immobilize this are to decrease pain and allow healing. 

Sesamoiditis can occur in any foot, but people with certain foot types and who perform a lot of activities on the balls of their feet are at a greater risk to develop this condition.  The key to healing from this injury is to be diagnosed early and allow adequate rest, offloading, padding and anti-inflammatories.  Keeping the condition from coming back involves assessing your foot to determine if your foot type is part of the problem.  The use of custom orthotics is often critical to preventing recurrence.

If you have pain in the ball of the foot near the big toe joint, especially if you have recently increased your activity or had an injury, call our office and see one of our podiatrists!  We can get you on the road to healing quickly and help you get back to the activities you love without pain!


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