I recently came acoss an article that was published online over the summer about how to wear high heels without pain.  The article describes using tape to bring the 3rd and 4th toes together - stating that this will give space to the nerve that lies in this area...therefore eliminating pain.  They describe the pain as being caused by a nerve.

Unfortunately, this secret holds no truth.  There are a lot of reasons that our feet can hurt in high heeled shoes.  Pain due to irritation of nerves in the feet is just the beginning.  The bones behind the toes (called metatarsals) are squeezed together tightly in many fashionable shoes and they also experience higher than normal forces due to the position of the foot when in heels.  No amount of tape has the ability to lower the pressure in this area, especially when in high heels.  Some high heels can be made slightly more tolerable with a metatarsal raise pad.  These types of pads are placed just behind the ball of the foot and this can help separate the metatarsal heads, relieving some pressure on the nerves in the foot.  However,  high heels alter the way the entire foot functions while walking which can cause tendinitis.  They also can put pressure on bunions and hammertoes.

Limiting time in heels and keeping the height to less than 3 inches is key to making heels tolerable.  However, I would never promise that you would be pain free!

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