On Timeout Tuesdays, our fun runs every Tuesday morning at 8:30, we expect a small crowd of a few runners, walkers, or walk/runners.  This particular morning, it was 82 degrees and muggy already, and not a single runner or walker came.  It happens; plans change, maybe everyone decided to run earlier or later in the day, maybe skip today.  But I still set out, and even though I ran by myself, I realized you are never really alone.  I shared the path that morning with various running groups and clubs, from ages 5th grade up to high school, each cheering each other on.  Runners and walkers of various speeds, jogging strollers, and bikes would pass, and more often than not, a nod or a smile, each acknowledging each other's efforts to be out here on this hot day.  That along with venturing out to a different branch of the path made the time pass.  We will still come out for our Tuesday runs, and whether by myself or with our small group, we will join those of you already on the prairie path.  

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