I set out to run on the lakefront after a break.  Everyone needs a break every now and then, right? In my case, I took a 6 week long hiatus.  I was able to do some cross training here and there, and I took some long walks.  But after those 6 weeks, I wanted to get back to running.  I remember what my old CARA coach told me when I started training for the marathon last year and was trying to get back on track after an injury - your body remembers. But I wanted to make sure I was starting off with realistic expectations in mind.  So I set my sights on just a few miles - 2-3 to be exact, and I would see how I felt.  Also, I decided to do the run/walk method, meaning I set my Garmin to 5 minutes walk, 1 minute run.  This was perfect for me and allowed me to make short but attainable goals.  I made sure to do a short warm up, do dynamic stretching exercises to prevent injury, and I went at the pace my body felt comfortable at.  I ran into thes sculpture along Lake Shore Drive, and you can see my picture below.  It is part of an exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Each foot weights 800 pounds - which is the way I felt as my feet were dragging along the last part of my run.  So I stopped and admired the feet - and that few minutes rest inspired me to finish strong.  Sometimes you stop running for while, either due to injury, health issues, schedule, weather, or whatever the reason - but find inspiration to get moving again, and it is ture, your body remembers. 

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