The question that is the hardest to answer is: How do I return to my regular training program?

There is no universal answer...except...SLOWLY!

Here are some guidelines you can follow:

1. Start with a VERY easy run - For example, 1.5 miles at a 9:40 pace...slow and easy is the key

2. Slowly increase that mileage until you are back to your regular training program.

3. Don't run every day...start back every other day. Your body will need rest just as much as it did when you were healing.

4. Prepare for aches and pain -When you go back you will be panicked at every ache, thinking is that (insert injury) coming back? If you have pain that makes you want to stop at any time you should, but new aches and fatigue will be normal.

5. Enjoy the endorphins! You will be shocked how much you LOVE returning to running. They always say "You can't truly enjoy the sunshine without the rain."...well the same is true for running. When you return it will seem that much more wonderful.


So when you are healed (and have the OK from your doctor) take your time but get back out there...slow and steady!

If you have a foot injury that you would like to discuss with our doctors contact us for a consultation.


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