Proprioception is another world that describes balance. Proprioception is your body’s awareness of position and location. In injuries that involve instability (most often resulting in an ankle sprain or strain) this is a critical step in the rehabilitation process as proprioceptive training helps to restore strength to weakened muscles, but it also helps to train your neurological system in how to appropriately respond when on uneven surfaces or if you ankle(s) start to over turn.  The types of exercises used can include standing on both feet with eyes closed, standing on one foot with eyes closed or standing on one foot and passing a ball for instance.  There are steps which increase in difficulty to ensure that no injuries occur during this training.  For sport-specific training, proprioception is often accompanied by later adding in agility training.  Without appropriate rehabilitation of the ankle injury, proprioception may not be restored on its own and can lead to chronic instability and repeated ankle sprains and injury.

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