Lockheed Martin and Under Armor have teamed up together to design and provide the US Olympic speed skaters with state-of-the-art suits with complicated ventilation systems in order to shave off that tenth of a second, which could mean the difference between a spot on the medal podium or a spot in the stands.  However the suits are blamed for the US poor performance in speed skating due to a flaw in the design that in fact causes drag - even a fraction of a second.  And the athletes are trying to get a hold of their older suits to finish out the competition, because it is what they are used to. 

No matter what sport you are in, it is important to have the correct gear.  For runners, this includes the correct socks and running shoes.   Running shoes should not be chosen by color, but rather by your foot type and should be purchased at a running store that specializes in running shoes.  The socks you choose should also be optimal, including knee high compression stockings for those who need it.  And most importantly, a new outfit or a new pair of socks or shoes should NOT be tried for the first time on race day.  You should compete in the outfit you have trained in so that you know how your body responds.  At Prairie Path Foot and Ankle, we also carry Feetures socks, a tried and true favorite of our running doctors.  If you have any questions about running efficiently from running form to prevent foot injuries to shoe suggestions for running gear, make an appointment with one of our running doctors, and request a copy of Dr. McNeill's free running book.  You will be glad you did!


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