*SIGH* Finally, the temperatures seem to be turning around.  I almost couldn't believe it when I heard my husband complaining about the humidity yesterday!  I vowed not to complain about this summer, knowing how terrible this winter has been - but there are some seasonal conditions of the feet and for some people athlete's foot is one of those conditions.

With the warmer temperatures and the humidity this spring, shoes can get wet from mowing the lawn or just from having sweaty feet!  Dark, moist environments are the perfect place for fungus to live and thrive and your shoes can be just the place.  In order to prevent athlete's foot (a fungal infection of the skin on the feet), it is important to keep your feet and shoes as dry as possible.  If your feet sweat excessively or you are particularly active, changing your socks throughout the day to keep them cool and dry is very helpful.  Another great recommendation is to alternate shoes by day to allow the pair your wore yesterday the chance to dry completely.  One step further, consider using Tolcylen Shoe Spray - this a is a spray that contains silver which is an antimicrobial.  A couple quick sprays to your shoes when you take them off for the day takes care of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus that can cause the shoes to smell.  Finally, we also now offer a liquid-to-powder product that helps keep your feet dry throughout the day, called Pedigenix.

If you are already suffering from itching, burning, peeling skin and/or redness on your feet (especially between your toes) stop in for an evaluation.  Athlete's foot, when treated promptly, improves in just a couple of weeks and then all you have to do is maintain an environment that fungus DOES NOT like to prevent re-infection.  Call us today!

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