Among all of the things happening during your pregnancy, your feet may have been furthest from your mind.  That is, until you started having pain where you never had pain before - especially when it is nowhere near your bump!  Why do we get ingrown nails during and after pregnancy?

Many people have a curved nail plate naturally, but it isn't always referred to as an "ingrown nail."  Usually once someone identifies that they have an ingrown nail, it is because it is painful.  The reason that these curved nails become painful or more prominent during your pregnancy is usually due to the increased water retention and swelling in the feet and ankles.  This swelling leaves less room in your shoes for your toes to spread out and often a nail will become inflamed and painful from pressure of either the shoe or the adjacent toes.

These nails can prove more and more difficult to manage as your pregnancy progresses, as it becomes more and more difficult to reach your feet and clearly see where the bothersome nail is residing.  That's where we come in!  If you begin suffering from pain in any of your toenails, seeing a podiatrist as soon as you can helps to relieve your pain and prevent infection or other complications that can accompany an ingrown nail.

Make an appointment today if you have a painful toenail.  We can get you in to see one of our doctors quickly and will tailor your care to ensure that you AND baby are safe!

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