The world as we know it looks very different than it did merely a month ago. With the spread of the Coronavirus, we have seen changes not only week to week, but day to day and often from one hour to the next. In light of this pandemic, our doctors and staff have thought through and implemented many changes that affect our entire office and our patients. We always strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment to serve those in our community with an array of foot and ankle needs - all while offering exceptional care and service. With the threat of Coronavirus, the definition of comfort and care have not changed yet the way we achieve this has a new look, a new meaning.

As our country and the world have never experienced a contagious illness quite like this before, complete and specific recommendations are not readily available. We evaluate our resources for guidance on a daily basis and have put these and our own considerations together to offer what we feel is the safest way to still provide care to those most in need while protecting our doctors, our staff and above all our patients.

Every individual at our office has been and will continue to practice social distancing while out of the office. This includes our day-to-day lives - and our committment to the safety of our families and our patients has meant canceling travel plans for most of us as well.

A note on appointments...

If you have an upcoming appointment, our staff will call to assess your intent to attend the visit. If you feel uncomfortable coming to your visit and/or your physician indicates that it is appropriate for your condition, you will be offered the option of having a telehealth visit with your physician in lieu of physically coming into our office. If you do wish to be seen, several very important screening questions will be asked. It is crucial that you answer these questions honestly as they are a critical measure to ensuring the safety at our practice during this difficult time. If you have traveled within the month of March (domestic or international) or been in an airport during this time, your appointment will be postponed to ensure appropriate time for monitoring for any new symptoms or illness. If you have experienced fever, cough, shortness of breath you will also be asked to reschedule your visit. If you live with someone who has been recently ill, we ask that you also inform us of this. Even in cases where a cough is present but you do not believe it to be related to exposure to COVID19, you will be asked to reschedule your visit as an extreme precaution. 

If you do not have an appointment, but believe that you need to see one of our doctors, we are accepting patients for the following circumstances (pending the same above screening guidelines):

1. You are experiencing new foot pain which makes walking difficult or you are unable to walk

2. If you have had an unfortunate accident or injury and are suspecting a fracture or feel you need an x-ray

3. If you believe you may have an infection in your foot or toe/toenail

4. If you have noticed a new open sore on your foot and/or have diabetes or known blood flow deficiencies

At your visit...

Where you used to be welcomed with a smile, snacks, a coffee bar and a place to rest before your visit, you will now notice no chairs and no snacks or coffee (we will still smile). Instead, when you enter our office you will be immediately escorted to your patient treatment room. These rooms are sterilized from floor to ceiling and wall to wall between every single patient we see, and the number of patients each day is much less than previously to allow for this as well as to reduce the likelihood of a patient-to-patient contact. Handles, cabinetry, countertops, coat hooks and door handles are all wiped down thoroughly with medical grade cleansing wipes. If you are a new patient or haven't seen us yet this year, any paperwork will be completed in the patient room on a clipboard (each of which is cleansed with medical grade cleansing wipes between each us) and we ask that you keep the pen you use to complete the paperwork.

Should you require x-rays, please know that our x-ray machine, handrails and lead draping are also cleansed thoroughly after each use. Our medical assistants and doctors are also cleaning their computers between every single patient.

Should you need to use the restroom while you are at our office, please know that all surfaces, the sink, toilet, garbage can and all handles and light switches are cleaned after each use.

Our goal through this pandemic is to continue to offer care to our patients while minimizing the risk of any transmission of illness. Our hope is that we can help minimize urgent care and ER visits for those foot and ankle injuries/conditions which we are well equipped to manage in our office. This helps to reduce exposure and allows nurses, doctors and staff to focus on those patients who may be experiencing Coronavirus. 

We are keeping our community here in the Chicago suburbs as well as the world at large in our thoughts at this time and we sincerely hope that you are all staying safe and healthy in this challenging time.

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