Something that no mom wants to hear! Especially a podiatrist mom!  But that is exactly what happened last night. My 11 year old son hobbled down the stairs weight on his heel toes in the air, in obvious pain.  I sat him down and saw the black dot...yep something was in there and I knew it wasn't a job for home. Off to the office we went. 
My son is pretty calm so I was able to talk him through it (as I can with many of my pint sized patients). I didn't need to give him any numbing medication and I just slowly worked the skin around the area until I was able to catch the end of what I now realized was a splinter.  After only about 5 minutes the almost 1cm long splinter was out.  A little antibiotic ointment and a bandaid (plus a smoothie from Elijah's) and we were on our way home. My son proclaimed "well that wasn't that bad" and all was right in the world. 
Wondering if you need to bring your child in for a splinter, piece of glass, or thorn? You may find the tips in this blog useful .  If you are worried at all... Better safe than sorry, I always say!   Call our office and we will fit your child in right away. 
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