This is a common quote heard at my office. Usually happens when Mom or Dad brings in a child...who recently decided to show them some interesting happenings hidden by their shoes and socks!

We will start today with warts, otherwise known as verruca plantaris. Warts have nothing to do with hygiene. They are simply a virus that is contracted (usually at the gym, pool, locker room, or during sports). It loves the feet because they are a nice warm, often sweaty place. Warts are typically treated at home first with an over the counter medication. These will work if the wart is less than 2-3 mm in size. If the wart is much bigger in size, there are many of them, or they aren't going away in 2 weeks of at home treatment, call our office at 630-834-3668.

The reason I say this is warts are very easily treated by us...typically 4-6 weekly in office treatments if they are caught when they are small. Never fear, if they are larger or they have been along for longer than you wish to admit, they will still go away but it will take a little longer.

We use a series of in office treatments that are non-painful. Note...this is not a freezing treatment...I have found those to be highly ineffective against warts on the feet. The treatment we use is especially great for kids simply because it DOES NOT HURT. As a mom myself, I know getting a child to go back to an office over and over for painful treatments is IMPOSSIBLE!

Dr. Misty McNeill
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