November is diabetes awareness month! This morning, Dr Doyle and I spent the morning with diabetic patients  as part of our community at Elmhurst Hospital. We offered free foot screenings for diabetic patients. What did we exactly do?
1. We check your pulses. You can feel a pulse on the top of your foot and behind the inside ankle. Being able to detect a pulse with your finger is a pretty good indication of your circulation.
2. We look for any bony prominence. This could indicate a potential area of increased pressure, if the part rubs up against a shoe, possibly causing a blister or sore.
3. We point out any corns or calluses. These areas are also potential to turn into an open sore
4. We inspect your shoes. Part of diabetic foot care is having proper shoe gear. We recommend a shoe with a high toebox and an accommodative insert.
This is just a snippet of what we do... What we find when examining you drives the rest of the conversation.
If you have any questions regarding your feet, whether you are diabetic or not, give us a call today!

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