Many people assume that plantar warts are impossible to get rid of....False! 

Many people assume that they can use an over the counter wart freezer... False!

Many people think "They are just warts, no big deal"...Wrong again!

While certainly no one ever became gravely ill over a plantars wart, they do spread.   A child can develop more on the same foot or the other foot. They can spread to the hands and even other family members.  Thus leaving you with a much bigger problem.  

They aren't impossible to get rid of either, but it does take a little work and the right treatment regimen.   Unfortunately, over the counter meds usually don't work.  You can certainly try them for a week or two but if the wart hasn't gone away in that time, it probably won't go away with the drug store meds.  

The reason most wart treatments fail is that they are trying to destroy the wart...we need your child's body to mount an immune response and tell that wart to "GO AWAY!"  We use a regimen at PPFAC that does just that.  It is a series of treatments applied in the office that cause little or no pain at all.  Most of the warts that come to "visit us" can be gone in just 4 treatments and with very little work at home.  

We look forward to seeing you, your child and their new "friend" at our office soon!. 


Dr. Misty McNeill
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D.P.M. - Founder of Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic
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