So I am a mother of 5, and I love it. I ran the Chicago marathon a little over 2 years ago to raise money for the American Cancer Society and I had a great experience... but it took a lot of training, patience, and the right gear, including the right shoes. In England, a 37 year old mother of 5 has decided to run the London marathon - in heels! This 37 year old mom was inspired after she heard about a German woman who ran 100m in 14.531 seconds, and thought, she could do better! She is raising money for asthma awareness, as one of her children (age 3 months to 13 years old) suffers from asthma. Kudos to this mom, but as a podiatrist, there are side effects of running in non-supportive shoes, including heels. High impact on the feet when wearing heels can have a detrimental effect on your back and legs, in addition to your feet. Besides blisters (she has contacted Elastoplast as a sponsor) on the skin, lack of support can cause tendinitis and plantar fasciitis along with achilles tendonitis. Also, repetitive stress on the bones without support can cause stress fractures and pointy toed shoes can aggravate a neuroma.  In addition, balancing on a platform can cause imbalances which may cause an ankle sprain.  For more on how high heels affect your feet, read Dr. Doyle's article here.

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