Moleskin is a great product and is often used on the feet and heels.  This product is meant to be used as a barrier between your skin and a rough or sharp part of a shoe that may be prone to excessive friction leading to blisters. This product is essentially a soft material with adhesive backing.

Moleskin should be used in prevention of a blister.  A very commonly used location for moleskin is on the back of the heel.  When used in areas of anticipated friction, it will accept the friction in place of your skin, reducing the need your body feels to put a blister there for cushion. The skin in this area should be dry to increase adhesion and reduce risk of the product rolling up once you are up and going. 

All too commonly people use moleskin AFTER irritation of the skin has started - or worse so, after a blister is formed. The problem with this is that the adhesives in moleskin are very tough. By putting this on top of a blister (which is essentially a very thin piece of superficial skin with a pocket of fluid underneath), when the moleskin is removed it will deroof the blister - or essentially rip the skin off.  OUCH!  Then you have a superficial wound to heal - and that will definitely slow you down!

If you already have a blister, protecting it is the best way to go.  That being said, if you are in the middle of training for an event and can't afford the time off, a visit to your local podiatrist can allow us to properly treat the blister to prevent other complications - such as infection. Call our office today if you need help with your running blister - or if you have questions about other skin conditions you notice on your feet!


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