This scary new fad promotes surgery as a way to shorten toes and narrow feet for a smaller foot size that fits better into today’s fashionable shoes. In my mind, this is reminiscent of Chinese foot binding. Ok, maybe that’s a gross exaggeration, but generally speaking, it is changing ones foot for the sake of fashion. There have, sadly, been reports of women approaching foot surgeons asking for their baby toe to be amputated in efforts to fit into pointy toed, narrow shoes!! Surgery is not something to be taken lightly and it should not be approached in the same way as botox injections, mani's and pedi's. All surgeries pose risks (some more severe than others), but having surgery for the sake of shoes that will likely not be ‘in style’ a few years down the road is just plain not worth it. Be an advocate for your feet and wear shoes that will help rather than hinder your foot's function. After all, they are the only pair you will have and the better you treat them, the longer you’ll be able to stay active without pain.

For more information about the effects of foot binding, read here

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