While most of the country is evaluating their brackets and sizing up the pools, the college basketball elite players are concentrating on one thing.... staying healthy enough to get an invitation to the Big Dance, then the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four, then the coveted title of national champions. Although injuries in the NCAA tournament sidelining basketball players are common, after the country gasped at the injury of Kevin Ware, everyone is concerned about how to stay healthy and finish out the tournament.  Although what happened to Kevin Ware was unusual, there are other common injuries to basketball players that should be recognized should they happen.  

  • Achilles tendonitis - due to the vertical jumping and deceleration upon landing
  • Ankle Sprains- due to the high speed torque movements and lateral balancing, a strained or sprained ankle is very common
  • plantar fasciitis - just ask Joakim Noah who barely made the all star game due to his heel pain
  • stress fractures - due to the constant pounding up and down the court, this micro trauma and stress could cause a stress fracture in one of the long bones of the foot, or the metatarsals

For any and all foot pain, the most important thing you can do for your feet is to see a podiatrist for a thorough exam and proper diagnosis.  We will work with our patients to come up with a treatment plan, and once cured, a plan to prevent recurrence, and get you back on the basketball court.

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