No, compression stockings are not just for pregnant people or older people.  One of the great things about being a podiatrist is being able to test market the products being advertised at conferences.  Way back when I was still in podiatry school, I remember getting compression stockings at a conference to test them out.  I was on my feet all day in clinic and I did actually feel like my ankles would be swollen at the end of the day and my legs would feel tired.  Typical nylon compression stockings have their place, but my recently new favorite are athletic recovery compression stockings.

When you wake up on a Tuesday morning to run and notice that your weather bug app is reading 23 degrees as the current temperature (and you haven't yet found all of your winter running gear from last year) what to do?  I have worn this particular pair of compression stockings simply because they were tall and warm.  But now, it was the only option to not have my skin exposed to the chill of the morning.

I threw on my regular running outfit with leggings, t-shirt and added a sweatshirt on top and pulled up my Sigvaris stockings.  What I loved about running with these is that they not only kept me warm, but because they are compression stockings they didn't fall down even the slightest bit.  They are a great option to keep you comfortable during your winter morning runs!


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