When I was traveling throught the airport a few weeks ago with my Spenco recovery sandals, I approached the security line and had to do what everyone has to do - remove your shoes and run them through the scanner.  Not a big deal, but that would mean walking barefoot on the floor of the airport!  I preach to my patients never to go barefoot, especially in public places, due to pathogens that my be contagious to your feet including the virus that causes warts, the fungus that causes fungal nails and athlete's foot, and possibly even bacteria that can get into an open sore or cut.  And now there I was, creeping along the line with bare feet.  Then I thought to myself, there are hundreds of thousands of people that also walk on these bare floor and nothing happens to them, but that was my point - hundreds of thousands of other people have walked bare on these floors!  Mental note - bring a pair of socks if you are wearing sandals just to walk through the security line.  Next time.  

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