When you see the other runners passing you up, remember there are other runners that you are passing up yourself.  So there is no need to compete against anyone except yourself.  You need to go at your own pace, even if this means stopping to walk every now and then.  When I completed the Chicago Marathon Sept 2013, my whole training was walk run, so I ran the marathon walk /run!  In fact, the pacer that led our group was specifically a walk/ run pacer, which means we would run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute, and you choose the pacer to finish at a certain time, and the pacer always finsished with an accurate time.  So just because you have to stop to walk, or you choose to walk, or you train for your race with the walk /run plan in mind, you are still a runner.  So enjoy the last few days of fall and go for a walk/run. See you on the Prairie Path!

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