This AM, my alarm buzzed at 4:55. It was still dark and I could hear the wind.  I listened carefully for the rain that The Weather Channel promised the night before, but nope nothing.  I rolled over checked my weather app and the radar showed it was going to hold off.  I slowly got out of bed....muscles sore from a very FAST 5 miler yesterday. Got dressed and made my way downstairs, Garmin on, Shoes tied....out the door at 5:13.  

The sun is coming up these days earlier and the birds are chirping, but that isn't what gets me out the door.  It's the promise of some "girl talk".  I run about 1/2 a mile to meet up with my running buds and then we follow the exact same loop most days of the week that put us all home at mile 5.  In the door a few minutes after 6 to begin the rush of the day....getting kids off to school, getting ready for work, trying to throw in that last load of laundry.

But what happens between 5:15 and 6 is for me nothing short of amazing.  My mind is able to turn off to the outside world and focus on me and my girls...whatever is ailing us, weighing on our mind, or frankly driving us CRAZY!  We talk it out, laugh it out....sometimes even get a little teary eyed talking about our kids or the tragedies of the world around us.  

These ladies motivate me, make me a better mom, runner, friend. They encourage me, tell me I can do it...make me believe they are right.  They are my fashion coordinators, "Is that from Athleta or Lulu?"   

When I start my day with them, the world somehow transforms into a better place.  I am lucky and blessed to have them in my life!

So today is a shout out to them being there for me in so many more ways than 'just a morning run'!


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