Hello fellow runners, walkers, bikers...breaking news...

It's HOT out there...be careful!

Ok just kidding...that would not be not be breaking news unless you have been locked in your house all week...this isn't a shock. But seriously...it is really humid and warm and your body doesn't function well under these conditions. So take a minute and read these tips to help make your workouts safe!


1- Dress appropriately - wear your best moisture wicking fabrics and keep the clothing light, minimal layers.


2- Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate - Can't say that one enough. You should be stopping AT LEAST every mile to grab some water. You may want to consider electrolyte replacement, either during the run or right after....you are SWEATING it out! Consider a hydration pack, like a camel-back or a fuel belt.


3- Adjust your pace - on average about a half a minute for every 5 degrees the thermometer goes up. Take it easy on these hot days...you are burning more calories anyway.


4-Grab a buddy- This is not the time to test yourself and get out there alone. A buddy isn't only there in case something happens, but to prevent it from happening. He or She will be the first to tell you...your sweating like a pig, you don't look so good, etc.


5- Run Early- Set your alarm clock for a ridiculously early hour. This weekend we will be starting at 5. Luckily we had April and May to enjoy our Saturday sleep in and now we suck it up and head out early. Being able to get 6 or so miles in at a lower temperature really helps finish those long runs.


6- Find some shade- If you can't go early, consider finding a shadier run. Avoid the direct sun.


7- Consider a phone- Even if you don't usually run with a phone, consider it now. If something does happen you can readily summon help.


8- Know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke- Chills, dizzy or light headed, confused...STOP running...seek a cool space...grab another runner if you don't have a buddy...start drinking if it's available...call for help.


Running in the summer can be very enjoyable, but you have to be smart. You don't want a run to turn into a nightmare! Play it safe and hold out for fall!





Dr. Misty McNeill
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