Recently our office received a call from a runner that could not run.  His usual run is 7-8 miles, 5-6 times a week, when he is not training for a race.  It turns out that he ran 7 miles, pushing through the last few, not feeling good about it, but finishing nevertheless.  He woke up the next morning unable to bear weight on the foot.  In our book, that is an emergency; it could have been simply a terrible tendinitis, or worse, a stress fracture or a plantar fascial injury.  Regardless, it was brought to our doctors' attention and although we had a fully booked up schedule, we stayed to see him.  He had a full evaluation, a proper diagnosis and treatment, and followed up with all his appointments.  When our patients put their feet in our hands to help them heal, and it is a team approach:  our advice, and the patient's compliance.  When I saw him on the prairie path running, that was all the thanks I needed.

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