I know it is hard to believe, but after a LONG, PAINFUL Midwest winter....SPRING IS ON THE WAY!  That means lighter clothes, capri's and yes...sandals!  Are you ready to show off that pretty pedicure? 

On a daily basis, we have patients come into our office with thick, yellowed toenails and they are embarrassed!  I really feel for them because they hide them at the pool, cover it with nail polish and refuse to wear sandals. Why? Because many people believe there is no hope...BUT there is!! 

There are many options for treating fungal nails.  It begins in our office with a full evaluation as to the possible causes and a non-painful biopsy of the existing nail.  Once we have confirmed that it is a fungus (yes other things can cause a thick nail), you can choose to treat the nail with surgery, oral antifungal, and cosmetic options like Kery-flex.  

No matter how you choose to treat the fungus, for the best success rate, you MUST treat three things:

  1. The nail
  2. The skin
  3. The environment - mostly shoes

Getting rid of your nail fungus takes time and energy, but it can and will get better.  So you can enjoy pretty toes and your sandals again!  

Dr. Misty McNeill
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D.P.M. - Founder of Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic
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