Patients call the office to schedule an appointment, and we have the reputation of seeing someone in an emergency within 48 hours.  However, a rare exception is made when Dr. McNeill and I are out of the office at the same time - to attend a conference.  These conferences are time well spent and well invested, for several reasons.  

-as Prairie Path believes in educating our community and our patients as stated in our mission statement, we have to first constantly educate ourselves!  We attend lectures and demonstration on the utmost current and up and coming treatments to bring our patients the best in the field

-we also have a chance to visit with vendors, where we can see and try the products before we recommend them to our patients. Every single item we carry in the office is something that Dr. McNeill and I and the staff have tried ourselves.  We never recommend anything unless we stand by it 100%. 

-it gives us a chance to speak to other podiatrists and colleagues across the country who may have tried different approaches to treatments and share their results.  This way, we can benefit from their experience and put it into practice locally

So it really is all about education- first, educating ourselves and our staff, and then passing this on to our community. An educated patient has the know how and can use this knowledge to heal. 


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