On Saturday I met with my running group as I train for the Chicago Marathon this upcoming October to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  One of the mentors, Jay, was running right next to me on the Prairie Path in Warrenville as we were going at a slow but steady 10:50 pace for 7 miles.  He has completed several marathons and is running Chicago in honor of his buddy who is a survivor of non Hodgkin Lymphoma.  He also told me he is doing his faster paced 11 miles tomorrow as he mentors his other friend who is running his first half marathon in August.  This friend came to him 1 year ago, age 45, obese, with Type 2 diabetes, and expressed that he wanted to change his life.  He had never run before in his life, but the simple act of walking a block left him out of breath.  He started with diet and walking, progressed to light jogging and now running.  Fast forward 1 year later - he has lost 100 pounds, he is no longer diabetic, and he is about to finish his first half marathon.  So  whenever you decide to get out there and run, it is never too late.  It can literally change your life as it did Jay's friend.  

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