So many times, patients relate that they were told that there is nothing that can be done for their broken baby toe.  However, this is not entirely true!  Firstly, it is important to be seen by a doctor if you suspect that the toe may be broken.  At our office, you will have a thorough exam and digital Xrays in the office for an immediate diagnosis.  If it is broken, then it is important to do a few things in order to heal:

-Immobilize the toe.  In order for a fracture to heal, it is important to limit motion at the fracture site.  Think of it like 2 pieces of paper with glue... if you keep moving, the glue won't dry, just as the 2 ends of the bone won't heal.  Since you can't put a cast or a splint on a 5th toe, it is important to limit movement by buddy splinting the toe to the one next to it.  Your doctor will show you how.

-Wear a surgical shoe.  A surgical shoe has a flat bottom that limits the bending motion at the toe that occurs in a regular shoe.  The less movement, the faster the healing. 

-Ice the area.  Icing will bring the swelling down, which will also help control the pain.  There are important icing instructions; you should never put ice directly on the skin and never for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.

So if you think you may have a broken toe, it is important to make an appointment with our office.  We have emergency appointments available and will with work with you to accomodate your schedule.  Don't delay!  630-834-3668.




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