A patient came in with a band aid on her big toe.  I proceeded to ask her what happened, I thought she was going to tell me about an injury or an accident. It turns out she had used a "pedi egg" to attempt to remove a callus from the bottom of her big toe.  The pedi egg is a battery operated foot file that advertises easy removal of dead skin on your foot.  In a person without diabetes or with good sensation, if you go too far, you will feel pain as a sign to stop before an open sore is created.  However in a diabetic with neuropathy and poor sensation, the pedi egg will file down and remove the callus and skin build up - but go too deep and remove the layer of good skin as well, leaving an open sore.  With a visit to our office and a thorough treatment plan, this patient was able to heal the sore.  But lesson learned - do not try to self treat any callus.  Leave that to the specialists. 

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