We see a lot of active people at our practice. When an injury occurs or a condition becomes bad enough that these people come to seek help and treatment, they can often feel let down when it is recommended that they take it easy and rest. Our physicians do their best to help you recover quickly to get you back to your activities and maintain your sanity! That being said, we can’t recommend certain activities if they have potential to worsen your condition or prolong the healing process. When we suspect or confirm a tear of a tendon or ligament, rest in the short term is what allows your body to heal as close to its previous state as possible. A common scenario is when a tear is found in a tendon around the ankle or in the ligament in the bottom of the foot.  If you are a runner, you want to keep active SOMEHOW – right? The trouble is, the more motion that occurs at the site of a tear, the more difficult it is for your body to heal that tear. So while running is very clearly an impact that we don’t recommend, riding a bike isn’t much better because of the motion and muscle activation needed.  

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