Calluses on the bottom of the foot can be painful, especially if they occur on a weightbearing area.  But what appears to be thickened skin on the bottom of your foot may or may not be a callus.  What else could it be?

-It could be a plantars wart.  Often a wart actually has layers of thickened skin covering it, and it takes a doctor to examine the lesion to make sure of the diagnosis.  A plantars wart has a different treatment plan, so it is imperitive to have an accurate diagnosis.

-It could be a foreign body.  "A foreign body?!  Wouldn't I know if I stepped on something?"is often heard.  But sometimes the object is so tiny that you may not feel it, and your body tries to protect itself by forming layers of skin on top of the object, and all you notice is what you think is a callus.

-It could be a porokeratosis- this appears as a callus but with a very small thickened "core" of skin.  This happens due to a clogged sweat gland, and can be very painful if it is on the an area with pressure when you walk or stand.

Regardless of what the ailment may be, it is important to see your doctor for an exam and an accurate diagnosis.  If it is truly just a callus, we can make suggestions for that too! Call our office today.

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