Before my 3 mile run, I slipped on a pair of running socks from the bottom of my drawer.   I usually wear my trusted Feetures, but this morning, I couldn't find the pair. So I put on a back up pair of running socks and headed out.  At the end of my run, I felt I could go a little longer, but couldn't due to a throbbing in my 2nd toe. I took off my shoes and thicker-than -normal socks, and noticed redness and swelling at the inside curvature of my toenail.  There was no break in skin, but there was no mistaking it - I injured my toenail.  It appeared that the end of my toe that rubs up against my big toe was swollen, and the toenail appeared to be digging into my skin.  I remedied the situation with soaking my toe, which did relieve the swelling.  Once the swelling came down, I was able to use an instrument to reduce the bothersome edge of the nail, and I prevented an ingrown nail from becoming infected.   But I learned my lesson - wear proper fitting socks, and make sure your toenails are in good shape at all times.  How do you take care of an injured toenail?  Find out here, or better yet, make an appointment with one of our doctors. 

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