We are all equally anxious to pitch those boots and coats in the closet and get back to sandals and warm weather clothes.  To ensure that foot pain doesn't get in the way of your spring and summer-time activities, we have some recommendations when you are getting back outside!

As often as you are able to, stick with supportive shoes and don't skimp when you got out after dinner to enjoy a stroll around the block.  This winter took a toll on many roads and even side-walks and the worst way to start the season out is with a sprained ankle!  Make sure those running/walking shoes aren't worn down from last season or the hours at the gym you've spent in them.  Investing in a new pair of shoes is a great idea around this time of year. Even better, we recommend adding a new pair of custom orthotics to those running/walking shoes to ensure proper support! You can get started by calling our office and scheduling an orthotic casting appointment!

When you do decide to go barefoot, just be careful!  Any yard work should be done with an appropriate pair of boots/shoes to avoid injuries.  We also recommend giving the lawn a once-over look to ensure there aren't branches/sticks/toys from last summer that could trip you up.

When it comes to sandals, we've got you covered.  We recommend Spenco sandals or Vionics.  Both offer support to avoid having achy feet at the end of the day.  They come is many different colors and styles and also feel great after a long run.  These sandals hold your foot in a position that allows your Achilles tendon the best contraction, optimizing the return of blood from your legs to your heart which decreases swelling and achiness.  

Enjoy the upcoming weather and visit our office to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions!


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