A blod clot in your extremities can occur, but it most commonly occurs in the leg.  This type of blood clot is commonly referred to as a DVT.  What is a DVT? DVT stands for Deept Vein Thrombosis, and it is technically a blood clot that can occur in your extremities, and most commonly, in the vein in the calf of one of your legs or behind the knee.  It can be warm to touch, painful and swollen, commonly causing your leg to turn a reddish color,  and needs immediate attention and a trip to the closest ER. Risk factors include being sedentary for long periods of time such as when traveling in an airplane or a car long distance, being overweight, being on birth control, or having a history or family history of blood clotting problems or a history of previous blood clots.   How to prevent one from occuring?  If you are on a long trip on an airplane, or even in a car, be sure to stand up and move around a bit to get that blood flowing.  If you can, wearing compression stockings can also help in prevention.  We carry compression stockings 15mm Hg at the office in several colors.  If you think you may have a DVT, call your primary care doctor or our office, Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic immediately.  Our doctors will examine you and direct you further.  Remember to call our office for all foot and ankle needs.  


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