As the weather is turning pleasant, everyone is eager to get outside and run. Better yet, some of the runs may be training runs, getting ready for upcoming races. Part of training for the longer races are getting through those long runs. How do you do it?
-Run with a buddy - Nothing like running with your running buddy to break any monotony. You complain, compliment, chit chat, and push each other, and before you know it, the run is on its last leg.
-Run with music/ or not - some people prefer to run without music, but if you do run with music, change it up. Make sure to get in some newer or funkier songs, something to look forward to, just for your long runs. If you prefer not to run with music, download your favorite podcast or your audible book on tape or TED talk. Sometimes listening to an engrossing story will make time go by faster.
-Break it down - Dr. McNeill gave me the best advice when I was training for the Chicago marathon - just break it up! Don't think of it as 1 long run, think of it as 3 short runs that you have done many times. If you can do the short run once, you can do it 3 or 4 times in a row. Also, break it down in terms of landmarks - for example think of it as 3 short loops of 3 miles. And you can certainly do a loop, then another, then another.
-Join a training program - Your local running group usually will have scheduled long runs at certain paces. If you are nervous that you have never done a certain long run, then join the group and let them lead the way.
However you decide to do it, just know that it can be done. If you have any questions regarding getting your feet ready for running, make an appointment with one of our doctors at PPFAC. Check out our website for stretching exercises before and after running too.
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