In the dead of winter, it seems that the frequent change of temperature from the bitter cold outside to the dry warm air inside can wreak havoc on your skin, especially the bottom of your feet.  Often patients complain of dry, cracked skin on their heels.  This can be a source of discomfort and sometimes even pain if not treated properly from the get-go. 

-Stay away from Vaseline/petroleum jelly like products.  These products, although they may promise smooth skin, they stay on the surface of the skin and are not easily absorbed.   

-Refrain from soaking your feet.  It may sound like a great idea to soak your feet, however in reality, these soaks will actually whisk the naturally occurring body oils away from your skin, and in the end when you dry them off, they end up more dried and cracked than before you started

-Be sure to get attention from our doctors at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle for cracked skin, especially on your heels.  The cracks in skin may open up and be a great source of bacteria.  Plus, the openings are akin to little micro cuts in the skin and can also be painful.

Our doctors recommend 20%, 30%, or 40% urea or our moisturizing cream as the first line of defense for dried skin on the bottom of your feet. For more advice on dried, flaking skin on the bottom of your feet or foot any foot or ankle ailments,  contact our office for an appointment.  We will have your skin back to normal in no time!



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