Bunion pain can be caused by what is called "bump" pain, where the bump abuts against a shoe, or it can be due to the movement of the big toe joint itself.  In order to alleviate pain due to rubbing up against a shoe, you can immediately alleviate that with a wider shoe, or padding on the big toe joint.  For pain within the joint itself, our practice will work with you to discuss conservative treatments such as a custom or semi-custom orthotic. The orthotic will not get rid of the bunion, but it will alter the biomechanics of your foot so that the joint may no longer hurt.  Our doctors will also discuss if surgical treatment is for you.  In general, if the joint is hurting you on a day-to-day basis and interfering with your daily activities,  it may be time to consider surgical correction.  If you have any questions about your bump on the big toe joint, contact our office and make an appointment with one of our doctors.  

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