worn out shoesYes...those are my son's shoes! While it is painfully obvious that those have seen better days, sometimes its not quite as obvious! 
While most kids grow out of shoes before they actually wear out, you still need to watch closely especially as our kids get older and growth slows. 
The first thing you should look at. Is the heel counter or back of the shoe. If this is overly flexible, bent or loose when your child puts it on, 
it's time to replace. 
The second place to check is the heel treads. You will start to see wear and if you see any uneven wear, its time to replace as they are no longer walking on a stable surface. 
I also recommend checking the laces. If the shoes don't tighten when your child puts them on. The shoes are usually done. 
If you find any of the material on the top of the shoe is wearing out, it is also time to replace. This is for protection that it is no longer providing.  
If you feel your child's shoes are wearing out too quickly, have them evaluated by a podiatrist who specializes in children. You may find that their foot type needs a special type of support that slows the wear process. More importantly you can prevent many other foot problems that adults suffer from, such as bunions, heel pain and hammertoes
If you are worried about your child's feet, call us for an appointment today. 
Dr. Misty McNeill
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