When you see your doctor and are in pain, she may prescribe an anti inflammatory medication for you.  This group of drugs, commonly referred to as NSAIDs, work by working with the enzymes in your body having to do with pain.  When your body is in pain, there is an increase in prostoglandins.  Prostoglandins cause a feeling of pain by irritating your nerve endings.  NSAIDs stop cyclooygenas enzymes, or COX enzymes, which are responsible for speeding up your bodies productions of prostoglandins.  So by blocking COX enzymes, or bcoming COX inhibitors, this decreases the amount of prostoglandins and in turn, decrease the feeling of pain.  They also redice inflammation (swelling), which also causes pain especially in injury or arthritis. NSAIDs also decrease fever, and may act as a blood thinner. 

So next time you see your doctor and she suggests and NSAID, now you know why.  If your feet are in pain, it is important to find out the reason!  Our doctors at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic can help.  Give us a call today! 630-834-3668


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